About Us

We are a CHADD Local Chapter dedicated to helping adults with ADD/ADHD, as well as those who care about them. We are a non-profit organization and there is no cost for attending our meetings or participating in our group.

One of the main ways we provide support and education is through our monthly meetings, which feature informative speakers addressing topics that adults with ADD/ADHD will find helpful. The meetings also provide a place for adults with ADD/ADHD to network, interact, and build relationships with others who understand the difficulties of living in a culture that does not always know the best way to react to those who think outside of the box.

The environment of our group is very warm, welcoming and ADD/ADHD-friendly (no one will notice if you forget your pen or have no idea what you were just saying). There is no pressure to be something you are not, and there are many opportunities to ask questions and seek answers from others in the group.

We also offer literature to help educate on many different facets of ADD/ADHD and a lending library with some wonderful books about ADD/ADHD. We are also fortunate to have great input from some members of our group who are professionals whose expertise is in helping adults with ADD/ADHD, whether as coaches, counselors, or mentors.

We want to be a place adults with ADD/ADHD can turn for up-to-date facts, resources, and information. This is accomplished in our meetings, our literature, and also through this Web site. Please contact us if there is anything that you would like to see added to this site, any resources that you have found helpful that we can add here, or any questions that you have that we can help answer.