General Meeting Information


Adults from all different walks of life, ages, situations...who either live day-to-day with the struggles and joys of an ADD/ADHD brain or who care about and support someone who does. This is a caring, diverse, and interesting group of people and everyone is welcome to come join us!


We usually meet from 7:00 to 9:30 PM (EST) on the LAST Thursday of every month (with an Adult Continuing Eucation Meeting held from 6:00 to 7:00 PM before the main adult meeting). When we do have an exception to that, we will make that clear in the meeting, the schedule that is handed out, the web site, and in emails to those on our mailing list.

* Please allocate additional time for WPIC Security. To expedite, please use WPIC’s side Desoto Street Entry & bring a Photo ID. *

For more details about specific upcoming meeting dates and topics, go to "Schedule" in the menu on the top of this site.


Our meetings take place in room 413 A/B of the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic (WPIC). Western Psychiatric Institute is at 3811 O'Hara St. @ Desoto St. in Oakland, PA, near the University of Pittsburgh and UPMC. Parking is available on the street, in the O'Hara Parking Garage ()next door to Western Psychiatric Institute on O'Hara Street), or in WPIC's Desoto St. Garage. You can locate a map and driving directions to our meeting location from our home page.


Each of our meetings is unique, but most follow a similar pattern. We gather and greet each other, usually with a snack provided by one of the group members. We then enjoy learning from the speaker for the evening...sometimes an expert in the ADD/ADHD field, sometimes a group member who has a unique gift or experience to share with the rest of the group. We usually have the opportunity during the presentation, as well as afterward, to ask questions and interact with the speaker and one another. There is often a hand-out to help us remember and retain what we learned.

After the main part of the meeting is over, there is a table with literature, books available to borrow, informational sheets, and people available to answer questions. Most people hang around and talk and eat and enjoy not being alone in their day-to-day struggles and triumphs of living with ADD/ADHD.


We want everyone to feel welcome to come to the meeting and to be yourself. Dress is casual, though if you wanted to dress up, that would be fine too. You will find people wandering late, getting lost even though they have been coming to the same room for years, dropping things, forgetting things, and willing to laugh at themselves. Bring a sense of humor and an openness for learning.

We welcome questions and interaction, but if you just want to quietly observe, that is fine too. We are a non-profit organization and so we do pass around an envelope for anyone who would like to donate to help with the expenses of running the group, making photocopies, etc., but nobody is required or pressured to give anything. We also encourage everyone to become a CHADD member but, again, this is certainly not required. Just come and be yourself and enjoy your time here with our supportive gang of down-to-earth people.


We have a good time at our meetings, but the best part is coming away from them having gained knowledge and support to take with us through another month until we meet again. CHADD, and this group in particular, offers each person who attends the opportunity to learn more about living with ADD/ADHD, gain practical tips and advice, ask questions, and find the support and encouragement to grow personally and help others live their best lives as well.