You know you have ADD when...

"You climb the stairs over a hundred times a day. But only half the trips are productive...the other half left you scratching your head wondering why you are there?"

"You look one way when crossing the street, then the other, then have to look back again to make sure…cuz you forgot if a car was coming or not."

"You get about 100 "You still there?" messages a day."

"You devise a plan to pack your keys in your luggage so you can't drive off without it (again) then realize at the airport the keys are on the dresser of the hotel in the city you just came from."

"You go on the web to find an answer to help your son with his homework and two hours later you have to go and ask what you were looking for."

"It takes you 15+ seconds to alt-tab though all your open windows to the one you need."

"The power went out so you go to another room to watch t.v."

"You’re talking to your kid in the back seat for 10 minutes after you dropped him off and wonder why he’s being so quiet."

"You’re still sitting at the stop sign five minutes after the traffic has cleared and then forget which way you were going."

"You listen to the same song 12 times because you wanted to hear all the words and STILL have no clue what they are."

"You have to call your cell phone or pager so that you can find them."

"You have four alarm clocks set to different times, the tv timer set at a different time, snooze alarms, and phone wake up calls for four different times and you still don’t get up in time to take a shower before work."

"You have a cup of coffee at bedtime and get to sleep faster than usual."

"You get to work and find the remote in your purse."

"You can’t give anyone a ride in your car because it’s full of all the stuff you left in the car so you wouldn’t forget to bring it next time."

"You call your house to see if the phone has been disconnected for non-payment of the bill you can’t find because you were waiting to mail it until you found a stamp."

"The TV in the living room is on a different station than the one in the bedroom, the radio in the kitchen is on and the stereo in the other room is playing a CD - and you live by yourself!"

"The bathtub overflows because you went to heat up the coffee while it was filling and then went to dig clean underwear out of the pile on top of the dryer and decided to fold the clothes while you were there…the coffee got cold again too!"

"You suddenly you realize somebody has been talking to you and you don’t have a clue what they said."

"You have 7 email addresses because you can’t remember what you used for your user name or password."

"Your hair has been eight different colors in the last year because you can never remember what shade of hair dye you bought last time."

"You buy something on sale with a credit card and end up paying four times more than it’s worth because you keep forgetting to send the payments in."

"You finally get around to checking your lottery ticket that has been on your car visor and find out that you won - but the ticket expired a month ago."

"You finally go through the pile of newspapers and get to the bottom and they’re dated 1982."

"You find yourself at a stop sign and suddenly’s not going to turn green."